GgLED Sound Sensor Bulb 9W E27 6500K Daylight

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GgLED Sound Sensor Bulb 9W E27 6500K Daylight


Operation instruction:
1.Bulb can be installed near stair, better to let bulb head turn to exit/entrance
2.The bulb should be keep far away from heater, air condition, fridge, stove, such places which temperature is high and sensitive
(over absolute zero degree object will probably make bulb light up)
3.Do not put any shield, furniture, or big object around the bulb
4.Do not turn it to the window for avoiding hot air /white light perturbance, and body motion to wrongly light up the bulb
5.Do not install bulb near gate or airway
6.Touch free Operation (Motion based Auto ON/OFF)
7.No need for full-time Security lights. Motion activation saves thousands of hours of run time, and prolongs the life of those expensive lights which are kept ON when not even required.


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