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Lighting Souq

You might have heard about the smart lights for every occasion to light up your beautiful homes, rooms, backyards or any other favorite corner. You can control and customize all the lighting system just by a single click. Smart lighting is the latest addition in the home automation. Integrating and programming smart bulbs with the wi-fi or bluetooth gives controlled output and brightness or hues. 

LightingSouq is a leading online place that provides controlled, virtual and personalized light automation products for home, office or any place. We offer affordable and elegant automate and smart devices, lighting, lamps, decorative lights, LED drivers and other valuable accessories of various well known brands available worldwide. 

We serve what we believe!

We believe in providing efficient, convenient and safe environment for the peace of mind and soul. We work seamlessly to unlock the ambience and the uniqueness of a perfect home, place or restaurant and hotels.

Experience the magic and brilliance with us!

With our smart lighting system you can light up the entire house, guaranteed enough to complement each room either large or small, moreover, you can control music or more with a simple system just by standing or sitting far away.

Turn your home into heaven!

You can turn on or turn off all the lights at once or lower the light according to the needs. This automatic system of lighting allows you to add stylish touch, entertainment and security in your lifestyle; even you can control the backyard lights according to the sunset and sunrise.

Smart lights to simplify life!

Adding smart devices and other accessories is a unique way to make things simple and easy at home. These accessories take away stress from your life and add more fun and entertainment as well.

Sync with ever changing colors to feel de-stress and relax!