WINK HSC186 Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera

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WINK HSC186 Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera



Product:HSC186 Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera
* Power source:Solar / Lithium Battery;
Easy to Install:
No complicated installation tools are required. The sensor can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape or screws(included) in just a few steps, and download an app ldquoSmart Liferdquofrom GooglePlay or App Store to add the device to detect the status of your door/window.* Wifi network;
* Remote viewing video by PC or mobile phone;
* Microwave Detection;
* Privacy protection by local storage;
* Inductive street light: When a person is sensed at night, the light will be automaticallyactivated ;
* Simple Installation: no need wire, can finish installation by yourself;
* Application:home entrance, yard door, fish pond, orchard, farm, mine, construction siteand all places where it is not convenient for wiring.
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