Wifi IR Remote Control With Temperature And Humidity Sensor

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Wifi IR Remote Control with Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Wifi IR Remote Control with Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • Download the Smart Life or Tuya app, add a device, search for the device manually or automatically, link to your WiFi (2.4G Hz only), press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the network configuration indicator flashes, You can add and use the device.
  • Support analog remote control for 38k Hz frequency IR devices, such as air conditioners, TVs, set-top boxes, TV boxes, DVDs, projectors, fans, etc., including most branded and non-branded devices, and DIY functions can also be used to simulate infrared remote control.
  • Unlike other external sensors, we put the temperature and humidity sensor into our smart IR remote control in an integrated design. No need to worry about disconnection and signal instability. Support the detection of the external temperature and humidity of the room where the device is located, which will be displayed in the App. You can easily set triggers, such as automatically turning on the air conditioner when the temperature rises.
  • Works with Alexa or Google Assistant and IFTTT (“Smart Life” skill/service) . Simple setup with Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker to easily voice control your IR devices. Support IFTTT and Apple Siri voice control for more home automations.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us, we will provide 24/7 professional instructions for installation and use.Since 2.4G HZ has better stability and wall penetration than 5G, most smart devices only support 2.4G HZ. Turn on the router at the same time 2.4G HZ and 5G HZ, connect the smart device to 2.4G HZ WIFI, and connect the mobile phone and computer to 5G HZ WIFI. 
  • Wifi IR Remote Control With Temperature And Humidity Sensor available  in  Qatar, Oman, Muscat, Kuwait, UK, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia


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