WINK Wi-Fi Power Strip 3 WAY 2USB

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WINK WiFi Power Strip 3 WAY 2USB 


Brand:WINK  Product:WiFi Power Strip                        

1. Smart power strip is equipped with surge protector, overcurrent protection, overload protection, over-heated protection and lightning protection, you don't need to worry about your appliances safety during charging.
2.Google outlets also has separate safety door for the 3 outlets, instead of expose the conductive copper ditectly,to prevent children and pets accidentally touch the socket, keep away from danger.
1. Plug the alexa smart power strip into a three-prong outlet, you will get a rapid green flashing light blink.
2. Download and register "Smart Life" app.
3. Open"Smart Life"app,click"+" on top right,click"all devices", then click "electrical outlet".
4. Click"confirm indicator rapaidly blink". You'll see "Connecting now" step. When it comes to 100% connected, you've already "Successfully added 1 device.


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