Philips Lighting 36 W T8 Fluorescent Tube, 3250 Lm, 1200mm, G13

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Philips Lighting 36 W T8 Fluorescent Tube, 3250 lm, 1200mm, G13


Attribute Value
Wattage 36 W
Length Imperial 4ft
Length Metric 1200mm
Lamp Size T8
Colour Temperature 6500K
Lamp Base G13
Colour Tone Daylight
Colour Reference 865

• All models feature a three band fluorescent coating which is highly efficient.
• A range of colours are available allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for your application. This gives you greater control over the lighting in your environment.Triphosphor tubes have longer life, a lower mercury content, better colour rendering and higher lumen maintenance than their Halophosphate counterparts.


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