Car Air Purifier

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Car air purifier

Car air purifiers effectively remove allergens, airborne bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, chemicals emitted from plastics, exhaust fumes and other toxic pollutants from your car. With automatic features and a high-quality compact design, this range of powerful and efficient air purifiers will quickly remove harmful particles from the air inside your vehicle. So on every journey you and your family will breathe only fresh and healthy air. The built-in negative ion generator releases 20 million high concentration negative ions per second to purify the air.

Item No.AUVC0011
Input voltage:DC5V
Mute indicator:40-50DB(A)
Application:1-8 cubic meters
Air volume:10 cubic meters/hour or less
Purification principle:HEPA filter activated carbon anion
Negative Ion release:20000000
Formaldehde removal rate:96.4%
Toluene removal rate:94.6%
Sterilization Rate:99.99%
Features:Sterlize and absorb TVOC gas
  • Can be used to purify air in office/car/home
  • UV Sterilization rate is 99.99%       
  • Touch-type smart switch 
  • One Key Control
  • Efficient aldehyde removal
  • Efficient sterilization 
  • Silent mode
  • Data Cable connection: Stable,Convenient and Simple to Operate
  • Can be place anywhere:The Size of the thermos cup compatiable, You can put as you like
  • Deep Circulation:All-round sterilization and deodorization 


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