Wink Wi-Fi Triangle Leaf Light 9 Pcs Set

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Wink Wi-Fi Triangle leaf Light 9 Pcs set

A beautiful piece of lighting is a simple and effective way to light up any room of your house as per your choice. And if this lighting equipment consists of multiple colours that change to the tune of your music, then this effect is sure to lift your mood and increase the ambience of your house. Nanoleaf brings to you Rhythm 250mm Light Panels which are wifi operated and can be easily mounted on your walls without much hassle. These panels have different colour themes which you can activate according to your mood. Nanoleaf light panels rhythm smarter kit (9 panels) includes everything you need to get started and the rhythm upgrade module. These modular light panels from Nanoleaf can be operated with the included controller, your voice or the Nanoleaf app.


Wink Wi-Fi Triangle leaf Light 9 Pcs set

Lights That Set The Perfect Mood

These modular light panels from Nanoleaf have captivating colour themes which you can select according to your mood. You do not require any kind of hub to operate these panels. Just connect it to WiFi and embark on a beautiful and colourful journey. These light panels can also be paired with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for better voice-controlled operations.

You Choose Your Design

You have the flexibility of choosing the design that matches your personal style while mounting these panels on your walls. You can make use of Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Light Panels to wrap your design around a corner.

Easy To Mount

A highlighting feature of the light panel from Nanoleaf is that they are very easy to install on your wall. This hassle-free installation does not require you to drill holes into your walls. You get double-sided mounting pads that secure these panels on the wall without damaging them.

Ambience At The Touch Of A Finger

The Rhythm Light Panels from Nanoleaf enable you to activate your favourite lighting theme at the touch of a finger. All you need to do is just give it a voice command or press a button on the controller and your room will light up with beautiful colours that will elevate your mood.

Visualize Your Music

It listens. It thinks. It turns music into light. This version of the Aurora Light has all the innovative LED light effects with the added feature of the Rhythm microphone upgrade: It transforms the frequencies of your favorite music into dynamic light displays. Add up to 30 panels to this wifi smart lighting product and bathe any room in gorgeous, colourful light.


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